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Music and Feelings: Nostalgia

Music and feelings Nostalgia

I am very pleased to share with you my new flamenco guitar release, a personal vision of feelings, that when summed up make who I am. No one teaches us to understand, feelings, why we choose or not to embrace them, or who we are.

nostalgiaLanguage is the catapult, or the means of understanding a feeling.  Would we need to understand a feeling, if we did not have a language to communicate it ? Would we have human unique feelings, if we were not able to communicate or desire?

With music, I choose to express the feelings that are part of with being alive, embracing them with love. The feeling I have composed about today, is called Nostalgia.


Date: 30-11-2018     Time: 20:00 – 21:00

Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road
Armadale, 3143, VIC

Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo Book

Ticket Price : $30 AUS  (General)



“Fantastic, Beautiful and a pleasure to listen to. Thomas took me on a musical journey of Spain “.     Kristian Daley 

“Great Feelings, Good mastering of instrument. Wonderful Vocalist”. Anne Chistensen

“Thanks for bringing us such wonderful music and nostalgia”.  Jude Wang

The Flamenco Guitar Celebration Tour


Thomas Lorenzo is a world renowned and award-winning guitarist, composer and music educator.

Thomas Lorenzo’s family fled the oppression of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s iron fist in the 1950s. They arrived in Australia, where they raised their son Thomas, who fell in love with the classical guitar of his birth country. He learned traditional flamenco songs that his family and other members of the Spanish diaspora kept alive in Melbourne. When Franco died in 1975 the Lorenzo family returned to Spain, where Thomas continued his guitar studies, gowing in expertise and acclaim. In 2012 he returned to live in Carnegie where he has a teaching academy.  He will perform, along with vocalist Angel Mellado, the traditional style of flamenco that was kept alive in Melbourne during Franco’s fascist reign.

Thomas has released five solo instrumental albums and 12 singles in contemporary Jazz, Blues and Flamenco styles. His latest release Spanish Breeze debuted at #36 on the Top 50 JazzWeek World Music Album Charts in 2010 .The album features Grammy nominee Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Grateful Dead) on Bass, Walfredo Reyes (Chicago) on Drums; produced by Grammy nominee Bruce Sugar (Ringo Starr).

Thomas appears an ABC Get Kracking   2017, The Frankston Cube, and 18 times at the Armadale Uniting Hall 2016-2018

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