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Paris Cat Jazz Club Thomas Lorenzo Trio 2016

Paris Cat Jazz Club Thomas Lorenzo Trio

Another memorable concert with Darryn Farrugia on Drums and Tamara Murphy on bass, at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne. We had a decent turnover with the audience totally dedicated to the art of listening to our live jazz music.

Paris Cat Jazz Club with Darryn, Serge and TamaraI choose to play Spanish guitar for this jazz event. This instrument does have great carrying power, or projection and due to it´s nature, the duration of all musical notes it creates are short. Drums and bass can easily overpower the sustain of the Spanish guitar. Electric guitars have greater sustain and are able to play more lyrical in a band situation. I must compliment Darryn and Tamara, as the Spanish acoustic guitar projected with clarity throughout the concert.

Getting into the groove

After the concert I was asked by a member of the audience at the Paris Cat Jazz Club about how I approached groove in latin and jazz idioms.

Groove is the heart beat of any tune. Through the groove all band members lock onto to each other and go for the ride of their lives. When the band members have the same common beat , subdivision and groove in their playing, all melodic and rhythmic lines start projecting with extreme clarity. Music and magic start occurring. This is what I also love about music production where the best sounding tracks are those consequence of interaction

This is the moment when, I believe we, as musicians, start connecting to a common factor between all of us. We work as one unit where each of us compliments all others. It is a very unique feeing. Some musicians also relate to a spiritual effect. I call it good satsfying human team work.

I would like to invite you all to come and listen to us live at the Armadale Uniting Church on the following dates:

At the Church, the language I choose to deliver our daily dose of musical emotion, is flamenco with the freedom of the jazz idiom as the carrying power.

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