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Songful (Feeling Good), Acoustic Duo

Songful (Feeling Good), Melbourne Acoustic Duo

Songful , my acoustic duo with guitar and vocals fulfils the need in my life of extraordinary passionate music.

Generally I perform with my Spanish Guitar as a composer where I explore part of my ancestry with sounds, rhythms, encompassing waves of pure joy reminiscent of the beauty of my Mediterranean culture. But as citizen of this planet, I feel there are other spaces and feelings to portray with music.

Our urban culture reflection of quick pacing technological advancements and human  adaptations have inspired new forms of expression as pop, rock, jazz, funk. These styles of music are groovy and unique where both music and lyrics enlighten us with creativity and sincere human expression.

As a musician, a human being expressing emotions, I realised I needed to express my urban inner side of life not only through flamenco but with pop, jazz, funk and soul.

That is why I have created Songful. An acoustic live duo, a powerful band with vocals, spanish guitar  and electric guitar that rediscovers, in all of us, all those first powerful emotions of love, hate, hope, and friendship that where tattooed in our soul with music. When we hear it again it awakens memories and contributes to a positive feeling of present joy.

Through Songful, acoustic duo, I also explore sounds and rhythms that have made the electric guitar become a vital, prominent instrument in our contemporary live music.

I work with a selection of Melbourne top vocalists. Swissy, Leah Zilberman, Fran O´Neil, to deliver to the audience a powerful mix of well-known contemporary music that has influenced our lives. Songful is produced by Thomas Lorenzo´s Music Production Services


International award winning Vocalist, Christina del Mundo.

Best Pop at the Avima 2009, #1 MTV Weekly Countdown 2007, Signed Artist: Terno Recordings,

Just like her latest release, the album was oozing with a unique charm and sound ” ,,

“Top charismatic, jazzy, pop-folk….. ”


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