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Creating guitar music from the heart Thomas Lorenzo

Concerts 2016
1. Albert Park Library Concert
2. Creating guitar music from the heart Thomas Lorenzo
3. Melbourne Spring Concert Schedule 2016
4. Paris Cat Flamenco Jazz Concert Oct 19 2016
5. Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert Nov 25 2016 Artist insights

Creating guitar music from the heart

Is life about doing what you like or, about how you do what you like? I believe it is the latter. I consider it is fairly easy to do what you like. I also admit it should be easy to enjoy and feel satisfied about what you like doing, but generally it is not.

I like to create guitar music from the heart. I like to share my music with others in a manner that they can relate to me. This is where the style factor comes into consideration. With a musical style as jazz or flamenco, we follow guidelines that the audience and fellow musicians can relate to.


Melbourne Guitar Music

The audience that comes to my Melbourne concerts will expect to hear guitar music from the heart. They are also listeners of improvised music, jazz and flamenco. They expect creativity and spontaneity.

I would take this consideration even further. Music that is created and performed from the heart can be understood by all living creatures, as it is a pure expression of mother nature.

Melbourne Music Lovers

Melbourne music lovers are a sensitive audience. They love to listen to guitar music from heart. They might classify what I do as Latin, flamenco,  Spanish jazz or world music, but they are eager to feel.

When I arrived back in Australia in 2012 I was told that performers should offer standard styles as tribute bands and shows were a commercial success. This has proven to be incorrect. I am getting a constant increase in calls for acoustic music services . The festivals customers, know I play latin flamenco jazz but they want my music because they expect music from the heart.

Please join me at my next Melbourne concert.

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Be part of the creative community and join one of our guitar groups lessons at my Creative Melbourne Guitar School.

Para amantes de libros de música de la orquestación y arreglos musicales, por favor visten la página de mi libro: El arreglo un puzzle de expresión musical.

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