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Albert Park Library Concert

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1. Albert Park Library Concert
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Albert Park Library Concert

On Tuesday 15 March from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, I offered a rewarding Melbourne Concert, at the Albert Park library. This library is located at 319 Montague Street, Albert Park – just opposite the Albert Park hotel. I was able to offer a satisfying musical experience in Flamenco and Spanish guitar to the enthusiastic attendants and music lovers.


These are some of the reviews that were left behind by the audience;

* A passionate artist who delivers exceptional quality, that takes you on a journey into his world

* Wonderful music and an intimate performance

* Beautiful – thank you

* Moving, passionate and personal

* Brilliant! A privilege

* A most enjoyable performance from someone one who lives and breathes his work

Albert Park Library Concert

Every time I offer a concert in Melbourne , my admiration towards the enthusiasm of all local music lovers grows. In Melbourne, there is a crave for good music. Music is a language used to express and portray emotions. All we have to do, as musicians, is develop an effective method of transmitting emotion to others. The final musical experience will be that of great joy and satisfaction.  Good music, music that portrays sincere emotions, is more than enough enrichment to nourish and replenish any ones soul. Both my guitar lessons and my music production services reflective on my musical philosophy.

I feel sad, when I see musicians hide their creative talent behind culinary experiences or talkative social gatherings. Melbourne is full of creative musical minds, but I believe we need to share our creativity with the audience in a comprehensive manner. I like to think of this process as a dialogue, where we transmit emotions to the audience. This can only happen when the audience understands, relates and feels the dialogue.

I must thank all those who attended my Albert Park Library Concert, and do hope to see them at my next series of Melbourne Concerts.



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