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Paris Cat Flamenco Jazz Concert Oct 19 2016

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Paris Cat Flamenco Jazz Concert Oct 19 2016

Last Wednesday, October 19, I performed at the Paris Cat Jazz Club, in Melbourne. I had the pleasure of performing alongside two of my favourite Melbourne jazz musicians:

Tamara Murphy on bass and Darryn Farrugia on drums.

Paris Cat Flamenco Jazz Concert Oct 19 2016I must thank all those music enthusiasts who came to our Paris Cat Flamenco jazz concert . I sincerely thank you for listening, and allowing us to share our emotions with you.

During the evening we performed a selection of my own compositions from my albums as: El Deseo, Mi Alma and Spanish Breeze. I also had the opportunity to showcase my new release, which you can hear below.

As always, at the Paris Cat Jazz club I like to perform in the jazz idiom, standards and blues, but with an acoustic Spanish guitar. In the past, I have always  struggled, to play the Spanish guitar with drums, but recently I have purchased a vintage artisan Spanish guitar, Ramirez, built in1962.

This guitar can project with clarity in all registers and dynamic , there fore it can be heard without the need of much amplification, when drums are played a relatively loud volumes.

I must also thank the Paris Cat crew and managers, for supporting live music in Melbourne, and therefore helping shape this city, as a vibrant cultural hub of the southern hemisphere.

Corporate cocktail function for the Commercial Bar Association of Victoria

On this same day, October 19, I also had the pleasure of performing for the Commercial Bar Association of Victoria. I encountered a a happy crowd of lawyers, barristers and judges eager to enjoy themselves with Spanish music. Thank you all for having me over.

For all those interested in hearing my new flamenco jazz releases please click on the link.


For all  guitar lovers interested in staying up to date with my major Melbourne and Sydney concerts .

For all guitar enthusiasts that wish to explore their musical creativity through the guitar. Please take a peak at  my Melbourne and Sydney Creative Guitar School.


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