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Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert Nov 25 2016 Artist insights

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5. Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert Nov 25 2016 Artist insights

Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert November 25, 8 p.m

Thomas Lorenzo: Guitar

Special Guests:

  • Angel Mellado on Vocals
  • Bernardo Soler on Nylon String Guitar

Location: Armadale Uniting Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert Nov 25 2016 8 p.mOn November 25 at 8 pm, I celebrated the last concert of the year 2016  held  in Melbourne,  Australia. Once again,  I must say thank you to all the music lovers that attended our concert.  We  truly felt your warmth and eagerness to enjoy a spring evening, with music as our common language.


I must also thank Angel Mellado and Bernardo Soler for their contribution to the success of the show.


Melbourne Flamenco Jazz Guitar Concert Nov 25 2016 8 p.m . Group photoThe repertoire

I had the great pleasure of performing a selection of tunes that have been recently released on iTunes. Please take a listen to them on my Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco and Jazz cdbaby account.

  • Tico Tico no Fubà
  • Libertad
  • Yesterday

I also performed a selection of traditional Spanish folks songs and Flamenco as:  solea, buleria, alegrias and fandangos de huelva. Angel Mellado brilliantly executed  his own compositions based upon  Fandangos de Huelva and Alegrias.

Flamenco is a musical art form that gets out the passion in all of us. It is a reflection of Spain and a vehicle to express life in a social environment,  that definitely leaves both the audience and the performers,  just feeling plain good about being alive.

I truly  believe music is a gift we all treasure enormously. What would life be without this vehicle for love,  joy and excitement?  We should conclude, that the result , would be that of of life of emptiness.

I thank all  music lovers who engage in live performances . I  further, strongly urge you all to get out there ,  turn off your screens and enjoy the beauty of sincere live music .

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