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Melbourne Concert Reviews November 26

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Melbourne Concert Reviews November 26, 2016. World Music Flamenco and Jazz

Thomas Lorenzo: Composer, Guitar
Bernardo Soler: Guitar
Angel Mellado: Vocals

Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Rd, Armadale, VIC, 3143

Tickets  $25

Melbourne Concert Reviews November 26

I would like to share with you all some of the reviews that we received, following our last Melbourne Flamenco and Jazz concert, of the year 2017.

Enjoyed it immensely” Didah Garcia.

“Beautiful, inspiring, it touched my heart, very well performed.” Paolo Vacarez.

“Fabulous performance, inspirational.” Natalia Edwards.

“Fantastic, thank you.” Saron Filing.

“Transported me back to Spain in an instant. Incredible, Flamenco lives in this mans veins and breathes through his guitar.” Christine Rao.

“A beautiful journey through beautiful Spanish music. A thrill of heart and soul.” Jessica smith.

“Delightful!, lovely evening. Thoroughly enjoyed the music and show.” Lucy Owens.

“Fantastic , the best concert I have been to this year.” Martin Colley.

“Moving, fantastic.” Sarah Hall.

Thank you

I wish to thank all the unique music lovers who attended our last concert and especially all those, who left behind such kind Melbourne Concert reviews. It fills my heart with extreme warmth and comfort, to be able to share with you my music.

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New Releases
During the year 2017 I will be releasing 8 singles to complete my guitar album, reflection and consequence of the time living in Australia. You may listen to all my tracks through this flamenco jazz guitar link.

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Join me on my Musical Adventure through Spain. Thomas Lorenzo Guitar Concert Series 2018. Tickets $30

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Tom´s Recording Studio
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