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June 24 Melbourne Concert reviews Thomas Lorenzo 2016

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2. June 24 Melbourne Concert reviews Thomas Lorenzo 2016
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June 24 Melbourne Concert reviews

Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo

June 24 , 2016, 8 pm

World Music Flamenco and Jazz
Thomas Lorenzo: Composer, Flamenco Spanish Guitar
Tamara Murphy: Bass
Souren Chakerian: Percussion

Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Rd, Armadale, VIC, 3143

Tickets: $25

I would like to share with you some of the June 24 Melbourne concert reviews, left behind by the audience at our last concert.

It is an extreme delight for me to share my music, and my existence, with such a sensitive audience, eager for adventure and knowledge of other cultures and emotions. Music allows us to further enjoy our lives, and colour such with the beauty we deserve. Thank you all for you support and love.

June 24 Melbourne Concert reviews

  • “Mesmerising Performance.” Leng Lee Lim ( Creative Guitar School student)
  • “Great Concert, such an inspiration for guitarists. Beautiful songs.” Bruno Heins
  • “Great Guitar work. Very impressed. Could do without the hellos and the start.” Ian Natanis
  • “Great really nice intimate Concert.” Luis Eguera
  • “Magnifico Tomas.” Glenad Brigilia
  • “Relaxing articulate and soothing.” Michael Malacos
  • “It s very nice music and a nice place to play it. It created a warm atmosphere that helped  forget about the cold weather.” Amanda
  • “Excellent. It is always a very enjoyable experience coming to your concerts. Thank you for organizing.” Rodolfo Gracia Flores
  • “It was lovely and soothing to my ears.” Annie Malacos

June 24 Melbourne Concert reviews Thomas Lorenzo 2016


Contemporary Australian society may enjoy quality entertainment from the comfortable setting of their home lounge. I must applaud all those music enthusiasts that put aside the temptation of comfort, hop into their cars driving through traffic, darkness and rain to enjoy an hour of live music. It makes me proud to share such moments with all of you. Thank you for such lovely, June 24 Melbourne concert reviews.

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