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Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo Guitar Composer

Concerts 2015
1. Melbourne Concerts Mediterranean Flamenco Jazz, Thomas Lorenzo Trio
2. Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo Guitar Composer
3. Flamenco is a contemporary form of expression, universal, as it belongs to all.
4. 2015 Melbourne Guitar Concert Reviews, Lorca Special and more

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts 2016  Thomas Lorenzo Guitar Composer Flamenco Jazz


Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo guitar composer


Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

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Past Melbourne Concerts 2015  Thomas Lorenzo Guitar Composer

Colors of Spain

A musical portrait of Spain through flamenco and jazz

Flamenco is known for its passion but it also an expression of beauty and sweetness. Join me for an evening where emotion will come to life in my series of Melbourne Concerts

In 2015 I staged 6 concerts at the Armadale Uniting Church, VIC,  performing my compositions, accompanied by prominent Australian musicians as: Ben Roberston ( Bass), Tamara Murphy ( Bass)

Thomas Lorenzo Melbourne 2015 Concert Dates

  • Sunday July 26 at  2  pm 
  • Sunday August 23 at 3 pm ( Special Guest, Ben Robertson)

  • Friday September 25 at 7 pm  (Special Guest Carlos Sanchez interpreting Federico Gracia Lorca)
  • Friday October 23 at  7 pm
  • Friday November 27 at 7 pm

Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

Tickets: $25

I would also like to knowledge the  support and resulting uplifting collaborations with other Australian musicians as: Jeremy Alsop ( Bass), Allan Zavod (Piano), Jordan Murray ( Trombone),  Sam Evans ( Tablas),  Oscar  Neyland ( Bass) and Christina del Mundo ( Vocals).  I thank them as they have warmly welcomed me back to  Australia,contributing to my present  career.


In the following video at the end you may enjoy Ben Robertson on Bass.

In the following video you may enjoy my collaboration with  Carlos Sanchez. We will be interpreting on Friday September 25th at 7 pm a selection of poems by Federico Gracia Lorca.

In the following video you may enjoy my collaboration with Tamara Murphy on Bass.

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Artist insights

Flamenco and Jazz are contemporary and universal forms of musical expression.  When combined, flamenco acquires harmonic richness and jazz, incredible rhythmic value.

Flamenco and Jazz can be improvised musical language,s as all music should be. I believe all compositions must constantly be reinterpreted to achieve freshness and a powerful communication with the audience.  A conscience constant repetition of a composition, a trend created in some minority musical genres, is not healthy for our soul.

Flamenco is not a classical form of music. It is constantly evolving and alive.  Rhythm is its main virtue. Where other styles of music need the rhythm to be very present, flamenco takes it for granted and allows silence and imagination to fill its place.

I believe all jazz musicians, should inmerse themselves in Flamenco, to bring a new groove to the way we play. Life is about rhythm, and flamenco will stir up your hidden creative needs.

Past Thomas Lorenzo Melbourne Concert Reviews Flamenco and Jazz

November 27 at 7pm. Concert number 5 Melbourne Concerts 2015

The last concert of the year with:

  • Steven Murphy: Violin
  • Tamara Murphy: Upright BasS
  • Thomas Lorenzo: Composer Guitar
  • Tickets $25

Armadale Uniting Church
86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9509 8958

Melbourne Concert 2015 Tamara Murphy Thomas Lorenzo Xanet Calbet

On Friday, 27 of November, at 8pm,  I celebrated the last of the 2015 Melbourne concert series, dedicated to flamenco, jazz and the nylon string or Spanish guitar.

The setting chosen to accommodate the whole 2015 Melbourne six Concert series, has been the Armadale Uniting Church. It is  located on the corner of Kooyong and High St, in Armadale, Victoria,

Concert attendants were cuddled in the intimacy of a warm, acoustic, spacious venue,  lit up to enhance the beauty of handcrafted woodwork, and stain glassed ornamented windows.

During each of the 6 concerts celebrated,  I invited different artists to accompany me, to further enhance the musical diversity offered, and the consequent portrait of contemporary Sspanish music.

Steven Gilbert,  on Violin, helped me create the Spanish Celtic heritage. Carlos Sanchez from SBS radio, contributed to bringing the Spanish poet Federico Gracia Lorca to life, with his breathtaking recitals of “El Romancero Gitano”

Ben Robertson and Tamara Murphy, on upright bass, created the musical space for improvisation, allowing traditional music to be encompassed by contemporary jazz, and the flow of constant harmonic and melodic variation.


And above all, the attentive audience allowed us players and music to come to life,  to create a unique intimate experience,  contributing to the ever growing Australian cultural outpour, of talent and creativity.

I choose, during all these 6 Melbourne concerts, to deliver a variety of traditional and contemporary Spanish music as: Alegrias,  Solea , Boleros,  Sevillanas.  I also delighted myself, and the audience, with a selection of my own compositions, dedicated to the delicate nuisances of life, and the emotions we encounter along the way .

News Melbourne Concerts Thomas Lorenzo 06/06/2015

Melting Pot World Music Series.

This coming Sunday, we will be recording live our promo video for our upcoming world music melbourne concerts Thomas Lorenzo. We are inviting students and fans to join us for the live recording, as we wish to have a crowd in the studio to give the video the live feel it deserves. If you would like to come please contact us: or call 0448348701.

This first concert, of a series of 6, will feature Hosham Alkozai on tablas. Hosham is originally from Afghanistan. As a child his family fled to New Delhi. He has been playing tablas since he was seven and has been pupil of Master Tari Khan for the past seven years.

Hosham will underlay my flamenco with Indian tablas. Flamenco rhythms are based on twelve beat phrases combining two phrases of three beats and three of two beats. Indian tallas or rhythms are also complex and diverse, allowing Hosham to create complimentary rhythms fusing with the flamenco sound.

The tablas are tuned to specific notes that act as pedals in compositions. The pedal creates a drone sound, very suitable for modal music as flamenco. I prefer tonic or dominant pedal tones in flamenco, so the keys that can be used are limited to the notes in which the tablas are tune to: C D D# and E.

The Melting Pot series is my cooking pot for multicultural collaborations, in the Melbourne Concerts music scene. Melbourne is a city of great cultural diversity. Immigrants can feel very welcomed in Australia and are eager to make this their home. I believe that with time an national identity will surface as result of all our multicultural diversity. The melting pot series pretends to be one of the many catalysts of this exciting Melbourne music scene.

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