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Melbourne Guitar Masterclass Jazz Blues Flamenco

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2. Melbourne Guitar Masterclass Jazz Blues Flamenco
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Melbourne Guitar Masterclass Jazz Blues Flamenco

Thomas Lorenzo will be holding a series of very intimate Jazz, Blues and Flamenco guitar masterclasses in November 2015 in Melbourne. The masterclasses are focused on helping you express your musical talents creatively and feel good about playing guitar. Please join us.


  • JAZZ GUITAR MASTERCLASS: Nov 11 & Nov 12, 2015.
  • BLUES  GUITAR MASTERCLASS: Nov 18 & Nov 19, 2015.
  • FLAMENCO   GUITAR MASTERCLASS: Nov 25 & Nov 26, 2015.

Kathleen Syme Library (Multi-Purpose Room 2) – 251 Faraday St, Carlton VIC

Price per session:  $65





The masterclasses are designed for Guitarists with strong self learning skills that like their playing and  feel they can do better.

What do you believe can make you a better guitarist ?
I conclude that for such purpose you need to master the necessary tools required to express a greater range of emotions. You need to create in your playing a gradual exposition of a song in a way that keeps the interest of the listener. You must be able to say what I play feels awesome.

How do we do that?
You need to understand the tools required to create intensity and flow: Harmony, scales, melodic variation, harmonic variation, rhythmic variation, motif development and  tension.

These master classes will give the necessary tools, to aid you in the self learning process, to help you achieve your objective: This sound you would classify as awesome.

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