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Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event

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Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event

Melbourne Concert 2015, Flamenco and Jazz Guitar Thomas Lorenzo

On the 3rd of December, 2015, I performed at the Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event for the City of Greater Dandenong.

I felt very proud to share this social acknowledgement with all those volunteer organizations that contribute to the Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Eventculture, vibrancy and social health the City of Greater Dandenong.  It just feels great to be part of a community where residents of different cultures, religions and nationalities come together to help each other and make our country a better place.

I performed, on my Spanish and nylon string guitar, a selection of my own compositions and flamenco and spanish music. This was my personal gift to all these wonderful people that use their time in an altruistic manner, feeling the joy of making someone out there feel better about their lives.

I wish to thank the Greater Dandenong Volunteer Resources Service for inviting me to participate in the Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event awards night.



Dandenong 2015 Volunteer Recognition Event Thomas smile

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunities exist with local charities, libraries, art galleries, community services, sporting clubs, council facilities and attractions, non-profit organizations and more.

Music, guitar and live concerts do help all of us come together and share special moments of our lives. Music adds the warmth needed to our existence. It colors daily life with joy helping us endure all hardships that come along.

Live concerts in Dandenong, Melbourne and Victoria contribute to a healthy way of life.  I wish to thank all those individuals and organizations that support live music, or better said support life.


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