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Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz

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6. Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz
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Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco Jazz

On March 14, I had the pleasure of performing at the Melbourne Museum, for the Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 .

Deloitte hosted an event showcasing upcoming Melbourne fashion talent. You may see in the pictures this creative visual art. Most noteworthy, I was pleased to have the Mannequins witness my flamenco guitar performance in silence and glamour.


Melbourne Fashion Show 2017 Thomas Lorenzo Flamenco JazzI wish to say thank you to Deloitte and the Melbourne Museum staff for making this Melbourne concert most memorable.

Art is defiantly a soothing element in our daily drives. Furthermore clothing design can be art, and the combination of what we choose to wear, one of our daily personal joys.

The fashion industry feeds on our hunger of looking good and sometimes looking alike. Most of all, creative art designers allow us to feel unique.

Melbourne Fashion Show

Upcoming Melbourne Concerts

I will start  my yearly 2017 Melbourne concert series in July. This year I will be showcasing Australian talent as Matthew Fagan on  guitar, and World music performers as Farod Bashir. Please sign up for our newsletter, furthermore to receive updates on all major events and concerts in Melbourne, and abroad in 2017.

    Pro Session Guitarists for hire 

    I feel great joy in contributing to music productions where the guitar is a prominent feature.  The guitar is a lyrical and harmonic instrument. Especially relevant is that the Spanish guitar can be a stand alone orchestra. Its rhythmic character and harmonic density,  will pinpoint the desired emotion you need to portray in your music.  Please take a a peak at all my guitar music productions.

    Melbourne Sydney Guitar Lessons

    I welcome you all to our new Melbourne Creative Guitar social club. Please use the below links to get access to the social media pages. Like and follow the Social Club Facebook page and Instagram account, so you can actively participate in the club.


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