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Melbourne Live Music Concert Reviews Nov 30 , 2018 Armadale

Melbourne Live Music Concert News 

On Friday, November 30, 2018,  I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with my favourite four musicians from Melbourne: Ben Robertson on Bass, Angel Mellado on Vocals, Gustavo Moreno on Percussion and Valentino  Gikovski on Flamenco Guitar. I must say thank you, also to the wonderful crowd that we had at our show. It was a very exciting night where I premiered new compositions and reinvented old ones. 

Melbourne Live Music Concert Reviews#Jazz Reflections

Ben´s melodic understanding of harmony really makes all my songs just blossom with constant new life, as we trot along the musical timeline. All harmonic cadences resuscitate with a life of their own. As a consequence, all melody I play, just sounds richer and more rhythmic. The final expression is close to ecstasy, at every moment of the performance. 

#Angel Mellado Spanish Tradition

Angel is the master that transports us all to the solemn traditions of Spain , where we immerse in an expression of life that reflects upon the need to survive, thrive and exist with nothing else than good friends, love, and pure enjoyment. We played traditional Caña and Buleria for the 1950´s. When I play with Angel, I feel honoured to travel back in time, and fill the space around us all, with passionate, simple flamenco traditions.

#El Camino

Valentino is another of my favourite guitarists here in Melbourne. We performed only one song called  “el Camino “. I composed this song for two guitars with two distinct melodic lines.  I truly adore this form of playing, as one guitar can play on its own, through the entire song and still sound beautiful, without the need of the other.  However, when both guitars caress each other,  a spacial musical concept is born. This form of composition produces great pleasure, and is an extreme delight to listen to. 

The song “camino” narrates the beauty of human beings,  and also the harshness of our existence. A few years back, I was travelling through the Pyrenees in Catalunya, Spain, next to the small country called  “el Principado de Andorra”.  Thus, I came across a group of hikers from Israel. They were retracing the steps of their grandparents, that had fled nazis via the track called the smugglers route. The Spaniards aided the French Jews in their flee from terror.

#Uplifting Percussion, Motif Development 

On Percussion, I had the pleasure of enjoying Gustavo´s latin and flamenco groove playing. When I write for percussion, I tend to give the instrument a melodic value, where I create a rhythmic motif that has between 8 at 12 beats. This melodic motif serves as their principal long question, where upon answering , the musician develops an extremely melodic and rich percussive array of patterns. 

I then love to layer my guitar on top of this enchanting groove, as I can flow in and out of the harmony and melody, as if I was jumping in and out of the most refreshing pool of water, on a hot summer day. 

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#The Ideal Acoustic Venue

The venue, I generally select in Melbourne for all my Live music concerts, is the Armadale Uniting Church . This venue allows me to have the ideal sound and stage set up for my music.  There fore, I can deliver, to the audience, the most musical experience, at the lowest cost possible. I must say again, thank you for all those music lovers who attended our Melbourne live music concerts, in such a non traditional venue. 

#Upcoming concerts , Live Acoustic music Tour

Fear not but this was not the last of our Melbourne Live Music concerts . Our tour will take us the next month through the following cities.


  • Date: 03-01-2019     
  • Time: 19:30 – 21:00


Wollongong Uniting Church, 116 Crown Street, Wollongong, 2520, NSW


Online Ticket Price

  • $25 AUS  (Gen)
  • $20 AUS  (Conc )
  • Door $5 extra


  • Date: 04-01-2019     
  • Time: 19:30 – 21:00


  • Berry Uniting Church, 77  Albert Street, Berry, 2535, NSW


Online Ticket Price

  • $25 AUS  (Gen)
  • $20 AUS  (Conc )
  • Door $5 extra

#Batemans Bay

  •  Date: 05-01-2019     
  • Time: 19:30 – 21:00


Batemans Bay Anglican, 6 Herarde St, Batemans Bay NSW 2536


Online Ticket Price

  • $25 AUS  (Gen)
  • $20 AUS  (Conc )
  • Door $5 extra


  • Date: 06-01-2019     
  • Time: 18:30 – 20:30

Where: Fun House Studio,3 Hill St, Bega NSW 2550


Online Ticket Price

  • $25 AUS  (Gen)
  • $20 AUS  (Conc )
  • Door $5 extra

#Live Acoustic Music production

I am looking forward, to recreating our unique musical experience, for all those who  attend our Melbourne live music shows. Music has the power to bring us all together , and with this language we really have the best opportunity to connect to each other ,and enjoy our understanding of life through emotional and thought.  In music, there is very little time think. Only time to feel. In summary I produce a show to recreate  a totally revigorating experience both for all the musicians and also for the audience.

Without an attentive audience, my music would be at a standstill. only through this magical interchange of giving and receiving , will my music come alive and glow with all our needs and passions. 

Join us at our next concerts in Melbourne , Sydney and Illawarra. 



A selection of reviews, left by the audience, after my last concert on November 30, 2018, at the Armadale Uniting Church in Victoria, Australia. Thank you all.

#HereI leave some reviews of our last live music show

“Loved the different styles of flamenco, the stories and the diversity the guests brought. You create magic with your guitar “.  John Downas

“Melodic landscapes of journeys, interludes and rendevouz, real imagined and romantic”. Josephine Daly

“Enthralling, the get go. Beautifully staged, superb musicianship. Great selection of tracks and background. A fabulous night”. Patsy Rea

“A beautiful concert with songs and instruments. Thomas took the audience on a journey through Spain”. Azu Sista

“Amazing. Thank you. Loved the piece Fiesta very much”. Meg Lien

“Full of traditions. Good master of instrument , wise and great feelings. Wonderful vocalist”.  AnneMurray

“I thoroughly enjoyed it”. Chris Anderson

“Perfecto. Ole”. Ian Briston

“Fantastic and Beautiful, Thomas took me on a musical journey through Spain”. Kristan Daky

“Thank you for bringing us such wonderful music”: Jude Wang

MORE  Melbourne Live Music Concert Reviews 

“Nos ha encantadola interpretación, la selección de piezas, lo divertido, didáctico que he oido”. Solores Arenas, 3zzz Radio

“Flows effortlessly. Expertly allows tension to build with quick delicate melodies to release. It blurs the line between music and pure expression”. Billi Pouki

“You were wonderful. You broke in with your new shoes, which when I closed my eyes sounded like Spanish dancers, to your beautiful flamenco guitar playing”. Diana Gigi

“Beautiful music”. Jill Schofield

“Great show, but too short . Tickets at $30 are expensive for only 1 hour and 40 minutes of music”. Chin Gua

“Wonderful Show, Great showmanship”.  Anne Marie Sahhau

“Loved the performance and musical style. The duets were absolutely amazing and beautiful”. Vivian Hunt

“It was absolutely amazing and mesmerising”. Kanika Jain

“Wonderful as always. It is different every time”. Helen Lendar

“A wonderful journey through beautiful Spanish music, to fill the heart and soul”. Jessica Smith

“Enjoyed it immensely”. Di Dah

“Beautiful Inspiring. It touched my heart. Very well performed”. Paolo Cacarez

“Great. Really nice intimate concert”. Luis Eguren

“Very nice music and a nice place to play it. It created a warm atmosphere that helped forget abut the cold weather”. Juan Fernandez

“It was lovely and soothing to my ears”. Annie Malacos

“Your concert was exhilarating. Music from the soul, mas divina”. Pierro Mastrangelo

MORE  Melbourne Live Music Concert Reviews 

“Wonderful concert. Thank you for sharing with us your skills and passion”. Simona Scorperone

“Canto and guitar. Beautiful music and fabulous musicians. Need to hear you more”. Julie Holder

“Delightful and heart warming experience. Marvellous singer. A sight to see. Thomas is really talented”. Kaye Beesion

“Lively music in an intimate setting that took my mind quickly away from a stressful work day . Particularly enjoyed the traditional pieces”. Lise Marie Rabal

“A virtuous performance of art and joy. Passion unlimited”. John Barnier

“Wonderful Concert. Moving performance. Glorious sounds. Skilled committed playing. Magic”. Christine Spirason

“Brilliant brought back memories of nights in Spain last year walking the camino de Santiago. I love Leon, my blisters healed there”. David Mc Gregor

“Very enjoyable. Second time here and I loved it”. Elizabeth Hutchinson

“Beautiful composed music and a passionate performance”. Reed Fishenden

“Wonderful”. David Hoadley

“A wonderful concert in every way”. Anne Goodrich

“Fantastic Journey through Spain. Best guitarist I have ever seen, Plays from the soul”. Rob Destradi

“I enjoyed it. He can play better than me”. Adam Livermore

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