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Welcome music and guitar enthusiasts.

These are a summary of the music and guitar services I offer online and on location.

I embrace all who love to enjoy life through the beauty of music and the guitar.  Music is made to be shared with others. Allow me to share my music  with you.

Music Production services

Making your music shine through with your unique emotions; helping you achieve your desired professional CD release.

Flamenco Latin Guitarist Services

Colour your special event with uplifting flamenco guitar passion. Fill the air with the beauty and rhythmic explosion of a Flamenco latin guitarist from Barcelona, Spain.

Creative Guitar School

Sincere self expression does help our general well being.  Creativity and music further adds joy to our lives.  The Creative Guitar school  structured curriculum,  and social club. will make your guitar  playing shine

Frankston Concert Flamenco Guitar

Spanish Guitar Music, Book your Concert

Spanish Guitar Music, Book your Concert Enjoy a live performance of Thomas´s award winning acoustic music, that has conquered the hearts of fans world wide. Call Now. Let's have a chat about your special day.
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