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2016 Guitar Concerts Reviews Special Guests, artists insights

Thomas Lorenzo, Composer, Guitarist in Concert

Celebrating music from the Heart


2016 Guitar Concerts Reviews. Special Guests, artists insights“Vibrant and beautiful music”  Walfredo Reyes ( Santana)

Special Guest Tamara Murphy on Double Bass

Friday November 25 at 8pm.  Purchase Tickets

Top 30 in the USA 2009 World Music charts. Grammy  Award nominees as Alphonso Johnson and Bruce Sugar perform  his music. “The soothing sounds of Barcelona through this unique artist are on display–likely to sweep you across the ocean in no particular hurry to come back home.” Cash box magazine.



Friday November 25 at 8pm 

Purchase Tickets: $ 25 ( General) Where: Armadale Uniting Church 86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143 (03) 9509 8958 Concert reviews shared by Port Philip Library Service, City of Port Phillip, Victoria,  Australia.

  • A passionate artist who delivers exceptional quality, that takes you on a journey into his world

  • Wonderful music and an intimate performance

  • Beautiful – thank you

  • Moving, passionate and personal

  • Brilliant! A privilege

 Special Guests Tamara Murphy : Double Bass


The Composer

Son of Spanish Immigrants that fled fascism. When democracy was reinstalled Thomas returned to Barcelona. He spent 36 years devouring Mediterranean culture and gradually became a prominent contemporary composer and guitarist. His latest album Spanish Breeze has achieved top 30 in the USA 2009 World Music charts. He performs with Grammy award winner Alphonso Johnson , Bruce Sugar ( Ringo Star ), Dave Garfield( Benson) and Walfredo Reyes ( Santana). In 2012 he settled in Melbourne giving birth to the Creative Guitar School. This concert series explores his cultural diversity as a composer, traveler and guitarist.

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Where: Armadale Uniting Church 86A Kooyong Road, Armadale VIC 3143 (03) 9509 8958

Past Melbourne Concerts 2016 Thomas Lorenzo: Flamenco and Jazz.

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Friday November 25 at 8 pm

Friday August 26 at 7pm

Friday June 24 at 7pm

2016 Guitar Concerts Reviews

Armadale Concert Insights April 26 2016

Armadale Concert Insights April 26 2016Listeners at our last Armadale concert were immersed in10 compositions reflecting upon

Mediterranean culture in a contemporary manner. I consider jazz a form of creative expression. We can feed into this form of expression any style of music. In my case, I feed into it flamenco and my own compositions. These compositions are a consequence of having existed as an Australian immigrant in Spain for 40 years. Listeners at our Armadale Concert, in Melbourne, heard a constant balance between emotional tension and release. A constant flow of emotions, tossed around and refreshed as if carried by a river . Armadale Concert Insights April 26 2016 Tamara and Thomas

During most of the Armadale Concert concert I performed on solo guitar. On some pieces, where I needed the melodic line to become more independent, Tamara accompanied me on bass, adding depth and contrast to the existing compositions. Some listeners have asked why I do not incorporate more percussion into my live performances.

I believe there really is no need of percussion to get your feet tapping as the Spanish guitar, the nylon string guitar, if played with precision will get your feet moving. The Spanish guitar does not have a sustained sound and percussion has to become an independent melodic line to match the explosive dynamics of the nylon string guitar.

Melbourne Concert Reviews

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