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Melbourne Acoustic World Music

Record and Recreate

Melbourne Acoustic World Music

I have just finished producing a very inspiring composition for the Saudi Arabian Student Community in Melbourne. They composed this song as a tribute to all teachers.

Melbourne Acoustic World MusicI laid down the guitars after the talented Oud player, Sam, laid down the structure. Please listen to the song and hear how we play the  rhythm in binary and tertiary subdivisions simultaneously. You can tap your foot feeling the beat in groups of 4 or 3. I have found this type of rhythmic layering common to some African, Flamenco and Afghan Music;  also found in South American music; where African culture was not forbidden consequence of the appaling slave trade. That would be, surprisingly enough, in all Catholic related invading countries as Spain and Portugal.

How to play chords

Another characteristic of the music is the way chords are defined. The Oud layers out the harmony by creating melodic lines that define harmonic tension. Music is a beautiful language that unites all creeds and nations. All the planet shares the same beauty we have created for our daily self balance and enjoyment of life.


Melbourne concerts

At present, I am currently in Spain touring and enjoying the company of my enormous extended family. You can access my full Melbourne concerts and events schedule through this highlighted link. I have scheduled the next series of Melbourne Acoustic World Music  concerts, to start in June 2017.


Music Production Menu

Flamenco guitars for sale

I have been collecting flamenco guitar masterpieces during the last  39 years of my professional career. Whenever I come across a rare guitar, with an overwhelming sound, I buy it. I buy it without considering who the guitar maker is; I buy it because it feels good and sounds just near perfect.

Part  of my collection is on sale through the following  link: flamenco guitars for sale. 

Melbourne Sydney Guitar Courses

I am commencing all my Melbourne Sydney Guitar courses on May 4. I am really looking forward to start this new adventure;  in every course I get bombarded with great vibe and creativity by all students.

Libros de Música

Whenever I play the guitar, I consider myself to be an arranger . My text book on arranging and orchestration is a toolbox of ideas that can guide guitarists to be more creative in their playing. Theses ideas will help your creative output explode with each new note you write, compose or play. You may purchase this book through this  link: libros de música arreglos y orquestación.

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