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South Coast Guitar Tour 2019 Wollongong Concert Reviews

South Coast 2019 Guitar Tour

Wollongong Concerts Thomas LorenzoDuring the first week of January 2019, I toured the N.S.W South Coast from Wollongong to Bega. We played 4 beautiful concerts and were rewarded with love by a great crowd of local music lovers, newspapers, music associations, and of course the ABC Radio.

Australia is a such a beautiful country made up of individuals who want to make our society a better place for their families and the community. 

Cultural Diversity

I was born In Wollongong and the guitar tour felt like coming home to the culturally diverse society which Illawarra and the South Coast of NSW is made up of. 

It is very easy to play for a crowd that has grown to understand our Australian Diversity as our contemporary cultural treasure. Australia is made of some natives and mostly of descendants of immigrants,who now call this country their home. 

Thomas Lorenzo Angel Mellado South Cost tour

Wollongong Concert reviews and more

Here are some main highlights and reviews of each of the guitar concerts.

I enjoyed having by my side: Angel Mellado on Vocals and Gustavo Moreno on Percussion. 

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my original music, interpretations of songs I love and some of my Spanish heritage.  At each of my acoustic concerts, on the guitar, I encourage the audience to share their thoughts on my performance.  A review that caught my eye was:  “And now for something different.”

This is an interesting observation, as each song takes me, and the audience, into a new world, where styles as blues, jazz , flamenco or latin are secondary to the emotional adventure. I believe that the goal of my performance, is to enjoy the beauty of music, and how such replenishes our souls with joy and love. Please listen to my music productions to further enjoy my creative output.

Wollongong Concert Reviews

Date: 03-01-2019    
Time: 19:30 – 21:00

Wollongong Uniting Church
116 Crown Street
Wollongong, 2520, NSW

Thomas Lorenzo South Coast TourWollongong Concert Reviews 

“Marvellous Guitar Concert. Thank you. So good to hear fine musicians play from the heart”. Belinda Collins

“Thank you for a wonderful performance and entertainment! Loved diversity of pieces; 17th century to current. Will definitely come again.” Tanya Boxsell

“An interesting style of music. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I appreciated the introduction to each piece which helped me to enter the setting in my imagination.” Ken Foster

“Music Therapy. Awakened my senses and opened my heart.” Karry Brasil

“Loved your performance tonight. The stories you entwine with your music makes me wish for more. Thank you.” Margaret Fletcher

“Wonderful Music from the 3 amigos.”  Deb Keeley

Berry Concert Reviews

Date: 04-01-2019    
Time: 19:30 – 21:00

Berry Uniting Church
77  Albert Street
Berry, 2535, NSW

Berry Concert Reviews 

“We thoroughly enjoyed the concert . My wife suggested the addition of a dancer.” John Paul Triani

“Please come to Sydney.“ Kamber Thariani

“We are so lucky to hear music of this quality in a small town. Excellent musicianship.” Rhonda Butcher 

“Masterful performance. I was transported to Spain.” Max Britt

“Glorious Concert, I had never heard a guitar sing before.”Robert of Tanya

“Loved the stories about what inspired the songs. Loved the emotion and the facial expressions.” Dorte Planert 

Batemans Bay Concert Reviews

Date: 05-01-2019    
Time: 19:30 – 21:00

Batemans Bay Anglican
6 Herarde St,
Batemans Bay NSW 2536


“Ver relaxing and meditative.” Frank Gimksy

“Great musical skills, tone and rhythm. Contemplative soul music.” P. Vivien

“It was a wonderful night. We might have been in Barcelona.” Patricia Mc Keog

“Delightful evening. Absolutely loved it. Would have loved to be in a Spanish restaurant.”   Debbie O Brien

“Great Touch on the strings. Excellent support on vocals and hands.” John Smith


Bega Concert Reviews

Date: 06-01-2019    
Time: 18:30 – 20:30

Fun House Studio
3 Hill St, Bega NSW 2550

Bega Concert Reviews

“Time travel, a journey through emotions and what incredible talent.”  Tasha Kimberley

“Thoroughly enjoyed your immense talent and range of compositions. Flamenco was great.” Belinda Geck

“Wonderful evening and memorable experience.” Peter Obrien 

“Great Playing. I’d love to see more.” Jason Bohana. 

Thank you

In 7 days we travelled 2500 km, played 4 concerts and had an audience of 235 dedicated music lovers.  You can also read newspaper write ups about the concert on the following links.

Bega District News Jan 2019

Thank you

I would also like to say thank you to Nick from ABC Illawarra and Jen Hunt from ABC South East, NSW.

Thank you to all my beloved friends: Gino, Dani, Zelko, Henry, Fiona and families. 

Thank you to Pipers Wollongong Music Center, Berry Music Centre and Magpie Music stores in Bega, for sharing the concerts with local music lovers. 

A special thanks to the local churches we played in for their warm welcoming and  support of our cultural  diversity. Last but not least, a very warm thank you to all those who came to our concerts and shared their Wollongong Concert reviews, Bega, Berry and Batemans Bay concert reviews.

Wollongong Concert reviews

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